The Canadian Turkish Media Association is a not for profit corporation founded in 2003. Our mandate is to provide a healthy and positive voice for Turkish speaking Canadians in Canada, through programming, education and training, sponsorships and partnerships with stakeholders in the Turkish diaspora within Canada.

The Turkuaz TV program is produced with volunteer efforts of its members.

Membership in the corporation is limited to persons interested in furthering the objects of the corporation. For the potential members, experience and/or education in TV, Film production and other media related businesses, while not necessary, is an asset.

  • The application to membership will be done in writing and should outline the specific tasks the applicant is willing or able to undertake, accompanied with the name, address and telephone numbers & e-mail of the applicant with their signature, as a proof of accepting the by-laws.
  • Please take note that we ask for a minimum one year commitment from our volunteers. This application is for the Candidate Membership. Upon approval by the board of directors, the Candidate Members may become Full Members after a three month trial period.

If you are looking to gain a real world experience in community television programming, this is a great opportunity for you.

To submit your Volunteer Membership Application

  • Please email it to